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Welcome to Hawkhurst House

Care Suites – supported living for people with nursing needs

Chris Walton-Turner

Hawkhurst House is a recently built housing scheme for older people with nursing needs.  Residents live in care suites which incorporate social space, a dining area and a kitchenette, while they can also spend time with other residents in the communal areas.

The scheme accommodates both physically frail older people and also older people with dementia type illnesses, with each group living in separate areas within the building. Full 24 hour nursing care is available for all residents, so that most residents can have a home for life within the scheme. Residents’ spouses can also be accommodated, so that couples can stay together even when one develops the need for on-going care.

Hawkhurst House focuses on providing relationship-centred care and so a high priority is given to fostering and nurturing relationships between residents, their family and friends and the healthcare professionals who work in and visit the home.

The charges for residents without the means to pay can be fully covered by Social Services’ funding and statutory benefits, so private top-ups are not required (see here).

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